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Free Femdom Chat

Free femdom chat is something many of you guys are looking for. Femdom Live is about to save you time and be honest with you. You probably know the expression saying that there is no free lunch, at least a good one. This rule applies to domination on cams, too....

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Im Live Femdom

Introduction I’m Live is the famous name in the world of adult entertainment and online sex chat cams.  Naturally, over the years, I’m Live expanded their services and now they are established in the various cams niches. One of those is the female supremacy and femdom humiliation. Our task today is...

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Fetish Galaxy

Introduction: The first thing that should be clear to anyone looking for the femdom cams is that there are no many sites exclusively dedicated to the live female domination. Simply, nature of this specific fetish means that it is reserved for the relatively small number of people and that reflects...

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Wanda Domme

Wanda Domme makes you not quite sure whether or not you walk into a place Dracula’s mansion when you her show. But one thing’s for sure, she is one of the true professionals when it comes to stepping on people’s necks and seducing them to their fullest. She is a...

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Domme Cams

Read what you should know about the Domme cams and take and learn more from the live cam girl example available on this page.

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Best Dominatrixes – Brunette Dommes

Best dominatrixes section of Femdom Live wouldn’t be complete without a detailed list of top brunette domes, right? So here it is, you are looking at the favorite models picked by the Femdom Live crew. We are perfectly aware how the hair color can make the difference, so besides other...

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Young Dommes – Top 10

Young Dommes and a live humiliation experience that these women can give is one of the best things in the world of live female domination. This is the reason why we have created a list of top rated Goddess and hottest cam girls. So many people online slaves are craving...

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Sissy Chat Cams – Best Dommes

Sissy chat is one of the most important things in the process of sissification and slave humiliation. Luckily, today there is a way to serve your Mistress and feel like the real sissy without leaving your room. The only thing you need is the webcam and proper Mistress, experienced in...