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Velvet Mistress

Bisexual dominatrix experienced in financial domination, CBT, masturbation instructions, cum eating instructions, foot worship. She is wearing leather almost in every live femdom session. Check out her profile with free photos and more info about this specific live Goddess!

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Feet Goddess

Feet Goddess is one of the kinkiest foot fetish cam girls here on Femdom Live. Extended footdom and foot worship sessions are her specialty and something you should expect from this petite Mistress. She loves to give you jerk off instructions and make you feel pathetic and useless in front of her while smoking her favorite and most expensive smokes.


Femdominate Me – Femdom Roleplay Chat

  Introduction We always liked the sites where you can get the idea what is all about just by the name of the domain. Femdominate Me is one of those where you can clearly say what is all about. As you are expecting this femdom cams sites is completely dedicated...

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Cam Sex Toys

Cam sex toys are the unavoidable part of every good fetish cam experience. The question is just on what side are you (A mistress or a slave). Considering that Femdom Live is dedicated to the slave education, this article will suggest and show some of the best cam sex toys suitable...

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Pandora Femdom

Pandora Femdom is a sexy, perverted and a self-indulgent expert in live female domination who will take you on a journey through BDSM. Her hair color is fire red so it makes her the perfect devil for your torture. I have first handedly let her numerous times to teach and...

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Imperatriza is a kinky and seductive mistress, and one that will make every effort to make your fantasy become a reality, you’ll be hard pressed, literally to find such a ravishing beauty anywhere else. The ravishing dominatrix has the power to control each and every breath you take while making...

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Vanessa Miss

Vanessa Miss has the kind of real-world domination experience that other mistresses can only dream of having. She’s just as comfortable with a real live male slave at her feet as she is with a femdom slave on his cam, begging for her attention and for an end to her...

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Mistress Cams

Mistress cams are the answer to your prayers if you’re the kind of unfulfilled man who sees himself as nothing more than a sexual slave to act as a plaything for a powerful woman who knows exactly how to treat a pathetic little ant beneath her stiletto boot. All it...

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Femdom Experience

Femdom experience is something that can never be understated by the people who live it each and every day. No matter what goes on in the day to day life of everyday people, there are untold scores of them who find their way home to be the people that they truly are...

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Femdom Cams

Femdom cams are an irreplaceable part of your ultimate submission and they should not be taken lightly by anyone who wants to feel the total domination that a woman in power can hold over them. The simple fact of the matter is that every single time you enter a chat...