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Cam Sex Toys

Cam sex toys are the unavoidable part of every good fetish cam experience. The question is just on what side are you (A mistress or a slave). Considering that Femdom Live is dedicated to the slave education, this article will suggest and show some of the best cam sex toys suitable...

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Mistress Cams

Mistress cams are the answer to your prayers if you’re the kind of unfulfilled man who sees himself as nothing more than a sexual slave to act as a plaything for a powerful woman who knows exactly how to treat a pathetic little ant beneath her stiletto boot. All it...

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Femdom Experience

Femdom experience is something that can never be understated by the people who live it each and every day. No matter what goes on in the day to day life of everyday people, there are untold scores of them who find their way home to be the people that they truly are...

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Femdom Cams

Femdom cams are an irreplaceable part of your ultimate submission and they should not be taken lightly by anyone who wants to feel the total domination that a woman in power can hold over them. The simple fact of the matter is that every single time you enter a chat...

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Dominatrix Cams

Dominatrix cam article is dedicated to the people just getting into the world of live femdom domination. Read what you should expect and basics of picking a proper live domme on cam!

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Live Femdom Cams

Live Femdom Cams brings you the most amazing live dominatrix experience you can possibly obtain online. The purpose of this site is to give visitors one central place that will be their starting point for everything related to online femdom humiliation. As soon as you enter this heaven of live...

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Strapon Girls – Top 10 Live Cams

Strapon chat is one of the most humiliating and sometimes the most painful form of online female domination. It is sometimes hard and confusing to browse rooms in a search for a real strapon chat Dominatrix.  We also know that many of you guys never had a chance to sit...

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Smoking Cams Top 10 Dommes

Smoking cams girls definitely have something special that is turning on so many men. This is nothing new for anyone who is into the sexual fetishes. Even if this could sound like something naive, it is not. Imagine how does it feel to get horny everytime you see someone smoking...

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Best BBW / Busty Dommes

BBW online chat top list page is dedicated to the slaves that most of the pleasure are getting when they are humiliated by physically bigger and strong women. You are looking at the top rated profiles of the curvy women with the direct links to online BBW chat rooms. Considering...

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Dark Haired Goddesses

Dom cams list you are looking here is made knowing that tastes are different, especially when it comes to the serious subject as a female look. This is exactly why here on Femdom Live we have created the most important categories to ensure that everyone can easily find their favorite...